Jason Robert Blum





Closing the Summer

I wasn't sure what this summer had in store for me when it started but it couldn't have worked out better.  I spent most of it back in Austin playing a slew of gigs with my trio at the continental club and the continental club gallery (my favorite club on earth).  The last of which Charlie Sexton came out...  he sat up front and stayed for the entire thing...  What an honor.  He's a hero of mine..  i have so much admiration and respect for that man's musicality.  Anyway, this Austin town has really been sending back a lot of positive energy my way since coming home.  I really love Austin, TX.  Now I want to go out there in to the world and make y'all proud of me.

*Back in March I shot a music video with my friend and talented young film maker, Joe Salinas at Enchanted Rock we'll release that with the album late fall.

Next week I'll fly to Birmingham, Al to work more with D. Paul Jones III who shot the website cover photo (with the long horns)...  Then the following week I am flying to NYC to work with world class photographer, Mary Ellen Matthews.  I'm sure I'll play some gigs while I am there... (stay posted).  The GPS east coast office is there and we will be working hard up to that late fall release date keep ing me busy and getting all this art together...  maybe I'll even stop in and check on my Mom in G-burg MD.