Jason Robert Blum





Greetings from Southern California

If you are reading this you already know I just made an album with JIm Scott.  I've decided to call it Invisible Words after one of the song titles.  A lot of my inspiration for this batch of songs came from my travels through West Texas' Big Bend.  Sometimes I'd stop in a little town called Alpine, where they put me up at the Holland Hotel.  I'd play in the hotel bar or on the courtyard for a room and a few bucks.  It broke up my trip from Austin by a few hours and was a beautiful place to spend the night and play guitar.  One night I was playing outside on in the courtyard and some children were playing in front of my make shift stage. One of the kids yelled out "invisible words" so I just started singing and making up a song on the spot with that phrase in it. They were amused.  When I got to the hotel room I flushed it out and by the morning I had a new song.  Something about that Rio Grande and wide open sky breeds creativity like no other.

So I'm on my way back to Austin.  It's my first time back since I came out West to start working with Jim in Nov.  I'll be back in just time for the SXSW mayhem and will get the chance to perform with the band  (JJ Johnson and Dave Monsey) who I had the pleasure of working with in the studio with Jim.  I am excited to get play with them again and it will also be nice to see old friends.  Heck they are even putting me on the Tee Vee friday morning of SXSW.  Channel 7 Good Day Austin.  Boy Howdy!

The next few days I'll be getting ready for my journey east...  first stop will be Santa fe, New Mexico,  I'll visit with friends and charge my batteries there before getting back to the ruckus of SXSW.  I'll need it.  I have a feeling this is gunna be a busy year and I'm so excited about it  I can barely sleep.

The end of the year goal is to get back to Valencia, CA with JJ, Dave and Jim Scott and take a crack at the next batch of tunes.