Jason Robert Blum





Invisible Words is released - week one

We had a nice party in Austin at the Strange Brew to celebrate on Oct 30...  The heavens opened up the day before and a lot of Austin was flooded expecting more rains on the 30th...  They came around 3am and were not so bad..   but it kept people in doors...  we still had a great crowd considering and i played the record down with Dave Monsey and Dony Wynn who has been working with us in a trio ( JJ has that awesome gig with TTB and they have kept him busy).  I got to spend some quality time with John Gibson Visuals and get some photos and more video work done.  STAY TUNED!

I set out for the Cali gigs with Matt Vasquez and stopped over in Midland one night to hang with Gil Prather and second night with Butch Gilliam.  Both good friends over the past few years.  They  got themselves a hit TV show last season it turns out.  West Texas Investors Club...this was our first visit since last summer.  Gill and I finished a bottle of mezcal and sang songs till we passed out.

I broke the trip up with a stop in Santa Fe where I got to perform with Jono Manson.  We went to different schools together.  Many common friends but our first meeting and thankfully with guitars in our hands.  It was spacial night.  Jono has a recording studio here in SFE and his client, Mark invited me to come record a new song I debuted last night at the High Note.  Jono is recording music for Mark's film and he has the studio locked up...  He must really like the song...  It;s called "easy come easy go"

My bud Freddy Lopez is being the most gracious host.  We always have too much fun.  I guess I need to push off for Cali tomorrow.  long drive.  or maybe Saturday.  It's about 1100 miles to San Fran.  Cruising in my '78 450 SLC.  because its the only car I've got....  and It's pretty fun to drive.